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Monday, March 11th, 2013

Editor : Perry White

Content : Plain Truth attack, government resources, Carey Ramm

Friday 8th March 2013

Following numerous attempts to disrupt The Plain Truth site using various cyber attacks, a knowledgeable but vicious cyber terrorist has recently waged war on our website. Previous attacks included inserting malware into our code which included the message “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”.

On this occasion the attack was hard and fast and the site was completely smashed requiring the reconstruction of all the files.

Clearly the information we are publishing is hitting a very sensitive soft spot resulting in severe and vicious reactions.

To the perpetrator we say:

 Do your worst, the truth will prevail. It is not silence that is golden but truth and the justice that comes from such truth. Do not think that you can weaken our resolve but rather you stiffen it!'

The Plain Truth has a couple of suspects for the most recent of attacks including Carey Ramm, however we quickly disregarded Carey Ramm as we don't think he is smart enough. On the other hand, the person we have in mind for the most recent attack has made suppressing the truth very personal. This is indicated by the level of frenzy in the attack along with the timing of it following our recent articles. We believe the individual concerned has good forensic and computer hacking skills combined with access to government or semi-government resources.

We further believe that the use of these resources was not sanctioned or authorised by the owner of the resources but were used in a surreptitious and sneaky manner to achieve an end.

Having said all the above and in the context of the tragic position of The Plain Truth people, we understand that all of us ex Stormies are frustrated and angry but we should all stick together in search of the “real” truth rather than thinking the truth simply represents the “view” that one holds simply because one holds such a view. Remember the truth requires evidence and documents etc and not simply opinions and self serving rhetoric with no backup.

We will continue to work for everyone for the sole purpose of uncovering the truth to allow YOU to make the wrong-doers accountable.

The Editor
The Plain Truth,
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Content : Plain Truth attack, government resources, Carey Ramm