The ASIC  gag' of Storm now exposed as the key for compensation.

Reporter : Ted Baxter

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Tuesday 24th July 2012

Documents in our possession PROVE that ASIC extracted an undertaking from Storm Financial Ltd on 18th Dec 2008.  This undertaking prevented Storm from engaging with its clients during the critical period in December when the CBA debt collection juggernaut was lying and demanding monies from Storm clients.

In blatant lies to Storm clients, ASIC representatives during a meeting with these clients in Redcliffe on 21 January 2009, denied any involvement in the gagging of Storm when specifically asked whether Storm had been gagged by ASIC.


(click here to view video of ASIC lying to Storm clients at Redcliffe on 21 Jan 09)


The following extracts from an ASIC email dated Friday 18th Dec 08 from Hugh Copley confirm that:

1)      ASIC required an EU / gagging order…and not Storm

2)      ASIC provided the undertaking wording…and not Storm

3)      ASIC demanded an immediate confirmation that Storm would cease providing financial services to its clients.

This damning evidence has so far remained hidden from view as part of an extensive cover up by ASIC in order to avoid its mistakes.

A further email dated Monday 22nd Dec 08 again confirms that ASIC had not only demanded the gagging of Storm but also insisted on an extension of that gag.

To this day ASIC continues to deny that it was solely responsible for gagging Storm and is somehow promoting the ridiculous notion that all the Storm advisors and staff suddenly decided to gag themselves for no reason and then suddenly start communicating with their clients again…for no reason.

Clearly ASIC demanded and placed a gag on Storm.  ASIC's subsequent denials to the press, Storm clients and the Australian Parliament is a travesty of the highest order and one for which ASIC is going to pay dearly with compensations to those that ASIC has wronged

Furthermore, The Plain Truth is going to pursue the individuals such as Tony D'Aloisio, Hugh Copley, Deborah Koromilas among others to be held accountable in a criminal sense for the illegal use and abuse of the powers bestowed upon them.

As The Plain Truth has mentioned in previous articles about ASIC, The Plain Truth will expose the truth however it is up to you, the readers and victims, to take the relevant action.  The relevant contact details are listed below.  Please do not forget to take detailed notes or preferably record your conversation.

  ASIC contact details:

Greg Medcraft -

Hugh Copley -  0434 565 199, -  07 38674892 –

Ritesh Patel  – 07 3867 4718 -



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 Content : ASIC & Storm, Storm gagging, Hugh Copley ASIC

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