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Content : website (CBA?) virus, Levitt Robinson, Storm clients, CBA Resolution Scheme

Friday 7th December 2012 (Pearl Harbour Day)

Hello again.  As you are probably aware we have not posted an article since the 2nd of October.  The reasons for this are two-fold.  Firstly our entire site suffered a significant viral attack which has now been fixed.  It took us quite a while to find the problem and clean it up because the attack was very sophisticated and corrupted our systems and also our resources are extremely limited relying on a volunteer expert to find the virus and fix it.

The news worthy point of this attack is that along with the disabling elements of the virus a cheeky message was discovered embedded in our code which read ' “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”.  This mischief making message may have and probably did originate from someone within the CBA, however our technician informed us that they were unable to trace the virus back to the CBA therefore we are not claiming it as fact but simply suspect and believe that the circumstances and the message is to co-incidental to not have originated within the CBA.  We stress that we are not able to in anyway prove this allegation.

A common theme and mechanism used by ASIC and the CBA to maintain  their' combined deception is to prevent the truth from emerging.  As we have written in many articles the Storm side of the story has been gagged by both the CBA and ASIC from the beginning and shutting down The Plain Truth website via a toxic viral attack is simple one more way of gagging the truth.  The advantage to the CBA and ASIC of only having  their' side of the story heard in many forums is to have  bank favourable' sentiment and decisions made by the courts and their victims.  The consequences of only one side of the story emerging are that CBA / ASIC victims will not receive the proper compensation owing to them.  Once victims have accepted the lies they are being told, victims will sign away their rights to full compensation.  It won't then matter when the truth ultimately comes out because deeds will have been signed in favour of CBA / ASIC indemnifying these organisations from future actions.

A phenomenon which we have detected is how incredibly disinterested most CBA victims are to actually seek out the truth.  This element of human nature of course is being taken advantage of by both CBA, ASIC and the likes of Levitt Robinson.  We suppose that situations appear obvious to The Plain Truth crew because we have specifically have been searching for and delving into the truth for a long time, never-the-less we see the tragedy of individuals pinning their hopes on 3rd parties such as ASIC or Levitts or even CBA with its resolution scheme rather than trusting themselves to be able find their own pathway if only they [individuals] would open their eyes to the truth which is under their noses.

In addition to the attack putting us off the air, our writers are exhausted as we all approach the end of the year and will be slowing down for a couple more months to recharge the batteries and recommence giving you relevant and meaningful facts in the new year.

Our articles will not entirely cease but simple slow down for the next couple of months.


The Editor

The Plain Truth,

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Content : website (CBA?) virus, Levitt Robinson, Storm clients, CBA Resolution Scheme


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