Levitt still holding out on why Morris QC sacked

Reporter : Tricia Takanawa

Content : Levitt Robinson, Levitt Storm case, Tony Morris QC, Stewart Levitt

Thursday 21st February 2013

Further to our breaking news in articles titled Tony Morris QC fired, CBA relieved and Levitt discovers what goes around, comes around the Plain Truth wishes to advise that TRUTH and FACTS have an elegance and resilience all of their own.

In the recent Levitt Robinson Bulletin no 109 posted to all Levitt Robinson Storm Clients on 15 February 2013, Mr Levitt attempted to divert attention from our message by shooting  at’ the messenger and continued making false claims.

Mr Levitt asserted that The Plain Truth posted an article online at 4.54am on 12 February 2013.  This assertion is absolutely true, however what Mr Levitt failed to mention was that the time was not 4.54am Australian time.  It was in fact 2.54pm on the afternoon of 12 February 2013 in Australia at the time of posting.  For the readers information The Plain Truth website has been under cyber attack on a number of occasions and as such is hosting the site offshore resulting in a 10 hour time stamp difference between the hosting nation and Australian time for this particular article.  Accordingly The Plain Truth did not receive and post its information 7 hours after the time Mr Levitt claims to have been served but late in the afternoon the day after he was served.

We can confirm categorically that our information was obtained from someone who was at the venue where Mr Levitt spoke. Thereafter we were able to confirm the filing of the claim by Mr Morris against Mr Levitt by searching the Queensland District Court website (see link – http://apps.courts.qld.gov.au/esearching/FileDetails.aspx?Location=BRISB&Court=DISTR&Filenumber=432/13).

In a desperate attempt to rebuild credibility Mr Levitt tried to divert attention away from the facts by muddying the waters with allegations of impropriety based on some sort of conspiratorial timing.  As is now obvious he even got this wrong…because you can’t fake the TRUTH.

Interestingly Mr Levitt was forced to confirm that Mr Morris QC has not been part of the Levitt legal team since October 2012 and further has the temerity to claim that he is disputing the Morris bill on  behalf of his clients’. The real questions here

1) When did Mr Levitt propose to inform these same clients, on whose behalf he is disputing a bill, that a senior barrister on his team was terminated?

2) We note that it is Mr Levitt that is being sued and not his clients.  Accordingly why the statement ‘ disputing bills on clients behalf Does Mr Levitt propose a further levi(tt) on his clients to cover activities they have already paid for?

3) More importantly, when does Mr Levitt propose to explain to his clients the reason he terminated Mr Morris?

In spite of legal guidance we (who in the main are also former Storm clients) at The Plain Truth are struggling to comprehend the basis of Mr Levitts UMIS cliam.  If we understand it correctly Mr Levitt and ASIC are claiming that our Storm advisors were part of an evil empire because Storm negotiated for clients to be charged lower fees and interest rates by the banks.  This is perverse and the crew at The Plain Truth unanimously want no part of any compensation that might come from this pound of flesh.

Compensation can only be offered for losses.  How can losses be proved if the activity described led to benefits for clients.  Furthermore even if a UMIS is proved the simple fact that it was unregistered v registered could not have caused a loss unless some egghead is going to argue that losses occurred NOT because markets fell but because something was unregistered and presumably the losses would not have occurred if that something was registered.

The Plain Truth still believes that the most likely avenue for success is in the pursuit of ASIC for gagging Storm and preventing clients from obtaining advise from Storm at the most crucial time.  This together with CBA’s data errors and failure to issue margin call notices as is on the record that they had always done previously led to clients inability to take proactive or evasive action on their portfolios.

Editor Note:

The Plain Truth still stands ready and willing to assist Levitt Robinson with information and evidence against ASIC in the role as a facilitator in the closure Storm.

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Content : Levitt Robinson, Levitt Storm case, Tony Morris QC, Stewart Levitt

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2013.02.07 Morris v Levitt application

2013.02.15 Levitt Robinson Information Bulletin no 109

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