The Plain Truth Mission Statement

The Plain Truth Mission Statement ' to shed the light of truth onto the darkness of deceit for the purpose of obtaining justice.

Editor : Perry White

The Plain Truth is a news service dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting about significant social issues of public interest where deceitful activity has led to gross injustice.

Journalists, writers and all other members of the group work in a voluntary and anonymous capacity and funding for the group is by way of donations of money, skills and time. All donations are gratefully welcome and needed.

The method of operation and reporting is to select and concentrate on one topic alone, without the imposition of deadlines, until all lines of enquiry have been exhausted. Reporting to readers will be supported by documents and other evidence which may be published on this site.

The objective is to be satisfied that the main issues are exposed, a complete picture of any truth emerges and a level of corrective action (justice) has been initiated. Unless justice is precipitated by action then merely exposing the truth is a waste of time. Accordingly The Plain Truth will not only be reporting the truth but also actively encourage passive and legal action by people affected and anybody interested in doing the right thing.

Where an injustice is widespread it is generally the consequence of corrupt practices within the bodies of large social institutions. These institutions may be corporations, government sanctioned authorities or governments themselves. Corrupt practices may even reside in institutions responsible for the moral health of society such as police forces, regulatory authorities or even the press. By their very nature these institutions, which are intended to exist for the greater social good, wield extraordinary powers. Such powers are necessary to enable these institutions to carry out their lawful functions.

Injustices occur when self-serving and/or corrupt individuals within these institutions use the powers conferred upon them by society not for the greater good of society but for personal reasons (e.g. to gain influence, financial gain). Injustices may also occur as a result of the ignorant, mis-informed, uneducated or inept application of power by individuals who lack the integrity to be accountable by correcting any mistakes they or other representatives of their institution may have made.

Where an individual lacks the integrity to make themselves accountable then their natural instinct is to cover-up mistakes and lay off blame. The now corrupted individuals who take this course use all means at their disposal in their attempts to cover-up those mistakes. An inevitable consequence is to drag the institution they represent and other unknowing individuals into their web of deceit.

Accordingly The Plain Truth will:-

    – Expose any injustice

    – Identify the individuals responsible for this injustice (if possible)

    – Attempt to make these individuals accountable

    – Identify any remedy required to rectify the injustice

    – Above all, act to ensure that the remedies are activated and implemented whilst at the same time attempting to preserve the institution itself (eg, don't bring down the police force because of a few corrupt police officers or the Catholic church because of a few paedophile priests).

However history tells us that in extreme cases the institution itself can be so full of corruption that is must be brought down along with the individual. For example, Germany had to fall to rid the world of Hitler and his Nazi's.

For injustices that stem from some institutions, the road to justice can be extremely difficult because the institutions themselves are the gatekeepers to the remedies and are in a position to block these remedies, or at least dilute any remedies significantly.

Because of this difficulty, the stories exposed by The Plain Truth will require significant action by groups of people (YOU) in order for justice to prevail. Inevitably such action will require individuals to get out of their comfort zones and act with courage and integrity. Without your actions the corrupt practices will prevail and justice will be denied.

The Plain Truth will assist firstly with suggestions of what action you may take and secondly with the co-ordination of such activity.

The Plain Truth will provide you with the ammunition which is called  the truth'. However the truth alone will not lead to justice. Justice requires action and action needs YOU.